Breanna and Jared say, “what makes us special is we’re really the only coconut spread being sold in our category, which is the nut butter and seed butter category except we are peanut free, which is so important right now, a lot of schools aren’t allowing peanuts, and we are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and organic.”

Today we interview Breanna Atkinson and Jared Golestani, Co-founders of Kokada. Kokada is an iconic coconut spread that’s completely peanut-free, gluten-free, made with natural ingredients and refined sugar-free. It’s the first sugar and nut-free alternative coconut spread.

We discuss so many topics including founder advice for food & beverage brands, to the health benefits of their product Kokada and more. Other topic include:

* Jared’s gratefulness for a general manager at an early retailer
* Breanna’s gratefulness for a mentor at a previous job
* Overview of the brand
* Their origins as athletes and how it started the brand
* The health benefits of Kokada
* How they first sold their product in farmer’s markets
* Advice for entrepreneurs, including how long it takes to grow a brand
* How they marketed and grew their brand with one product
* Last words of advice for founders of food & beverage brands

Join Ramon Vela, Breanna Atkinson, and Jared Golestani as we break down the inside story of Kokada on The Story of a Brand.

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