Eyal Brikman was originally going to start a social startup, but one fateful conversation and 9 years later, he is helping to lead Kobelli, a company on a mission to bring honesty, transparency, and Blockchain technology to an industry slow to adapt to new technology. In this episode, Eyal gives us an intimate look at the inner workings of Kobelli, what made them successful in the past, present, and what new innovations, new products, and new brands will keep them successful in the future. He shares stories of how Kobelli migrated from brick & mortar stores to selling online, how they started the Jewelry category on OverStock.com, to innovative digital marketing & social media strategies he’s used in building community and brand and much more.

Plus there is a bonus section on his personal experience of coming to America as an immigrant from Israel and his personal experience at Burning Man, which you don’t want to miss!

Visit the Kobelli website: www.kobelli.com/

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