“There is no perfect time and no perfect opportunity,” says Kiya Tomlin, Founder, and Owner of “Kiya Tomlin,” an apparel and fashion brand.

Kiya’s passion for fashion and design extends to her childhood. For instance, when Kiya was young, she used to dress paper dolls. There was also a surreal-like experience that inspired her love of fashion which she recalls on the show. It had to do with her friend’s mother, who happened to be the singer and cultural icon, Diana Ross.

But no one in the family realized her intense passion for fashion. And Kiya, not having many women of color to emulate in the fashion world, didn’t know how to pursue a career in fashion. So she decided to pursue something else.

Later, with the help of her husband, she was encouraged to start a side hustle, so she decided to start a “custom wedding gowns” business. Soon after that, she attended a fashion design program at the University of Cincinnati, and the rest is history.

In part 1, she discusses:

* Gratitude towards her husband
* Overview of the brand
* Her background
* Why she went to medical school
* The challenges and how they turned things around
* Her advice for business

Join Ramon Vela and Kiya Tomlin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Kiya Tomlin, visit: https://www.kiyatomlin.us/

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