It’s important to the founders that “She (mothers and mothers-to-be) see themselves when they’re shopping on Kindred Bravely.” In the second part, Deeanne and Garret Akerson, Co-Founders and CEOs of Kindred Bravely, mention it’s always on their radar to bring more diverse models of different sizes and skin tones. So, they have hundreds of distinct styles for varied occasions for women and mothers.

The brand has created a community via social media that is very encouraging, positive, grateful, and generous. Making apparel more comfortable, useful, and beautiful are three guiding premises in the designing process for Kindred Bravely.

They talked about:

* Their team members
* Building community
* What customers see
* Design philosophy
* Variety at Kindred Bravely
* New program

Join Ramon Vela, Deeanne, and Garret Akerson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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