“We’re not trying to change people’s habits; instead, we’re bringing new science innovation ingredients and making it delicious and better-for-you at the same time,” says Louis. In part 2, Louis Armstrong, Founder of Killer Creamery, makes ice cream better, healthier, nostalgic, delicious, and fun ice cream treats.

Louis mentions that initially, they added protein to the recipe and targeted gyms. Their ice creams are functional, all-natural, and have zero sugar, opening them to the keto community. So, they also launched a keto-centric line of products and became the first keto ice cream in the grocery stores.

Killer Creamery includes medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oil that is a source of good fat. The company is focusing on the ice cream category by bringing new flavors and form factors such as ice cream sandwiches.

He talked about:

* The functionality of their products
* Original target market
* Keto community
* MCT oil
* Prebiotic fiber ingredients
* Where to find Killer Creamery

Join Ramon Vela and Louis Armstrong as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Killer Creamery, visit: https://killercreamery.com/ 

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