In the second part of this Feature, we dive deep into what makes Keho Life new, innovative and healthy. We go into details about the products and their constitution.

Tekla Back, Founder of Keho Life, made it her mission and goal to help people switch to healthy diets after seeing how problematic obesity has become.

Find out how she built Keho from the ground up with the help of knowledge, passion, and research. Thus, Keho is “food packaged, not packaged food.” This is the story of Keho – the brand that believes in collaboration, not competition.

In the second part, we address: How obesity is becoming an epidemic; What the Covid-19 pandemic taught us in terms of food; Advice and lessons for young founders; Competition in the market; The products itself and their structural breakdown; Why Keho is one of a kind; What the website offers and plans; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Tekla as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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