“Do it because you’re passionate about it; otherwise, you get distracted by one of the other parts of it,” advises Margaret Nyamumbo, Founder of Kahawa 1893. In the second half of this Feature, Margaret says that when women work at these coffee farms, payments are received by male members. So, the brand wants to put money directly in the hands of the women who make up 90% of the labor force.

For this purpose, Kahawa 1893 has set up a women’s fund and a fair trade system in which buyers can tip directly to farmers through QR code on the coffee package, and tips will go to the women’s fund. Among other things, this fund has given these women the ability to think and dream of a future instead of pure survival.

She speaks on:

* How does a supply chain affect women laborers in Kenya
* Tea and varieties of coffee at Kahawa 1893
* Minimums for tipping
* Her advice for entrepreneurs
* Giving back to the community

Join Ramon Vela and Margaret Nyamumbo as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Kahawa 1893, visit: https://kahawa1893.com/

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