“With Kahawa 1893, I wanted to celebrate the origins of coffee in Africa and the excellence that we continue to produce,” says Margaret Nyamumbo, Founder of Kahawa 1893, a coffee brand that focused on empowering producers, especially women.

Margaret grew up on a coffee farm started by her grandfather. He was one of the first people to grow coffee when the natives of Kenya were finally allowed to grow coffee. Before that, only white settlers were allowed to grow the export.

Although Margaret worked on Wall Street after completing her MBA from Harvard Business School, she saw an opportunity to do more to help her family and her country. So she worked to start a coffee brand that worked directly with farmers and devised a system to compensate the women who make up more than 90% of the labor force on farms.

Many of the women laborers on these farms are trapped in a system that does not pay them directly, so it is nearly impossible to break the cycle of poverty. Now with Kahawa 1893, coffee drinkers worldwide can enjoy delicious coffee and tip these women directly, even using Bitcoin.

In this episode, she talks about:

* The Gratefulness towards her father
* Overview of the brand
* What Kahawa 1893 stands for
* Her education and career
* What pushed and motivated her
* Their mission

Join Ramon Vela and Margaret Nyamumbo as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Kahawa 1893, visit: https://kahawa1893.com/

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