Jojo Abolarin designs shoes for powerful, fun, and confident women. In the second half of our interview, the owner and designer of Jojo Shoes shares her marketing journey, which was not as easy as designing shoes.

In the beginning, she nervously marketed her shoes in shoe markets but gained confidence as she sold her first six shoes to a customer. She then realized that she needed help with this business.

Jojo got a lot of help from social media, so she ended up opening a shared store. Her shoes got featured in several magazines that boosted her sales too. She says that she is debating whether to repeat designs or come up with new ones only. Her upcoming designs are for the fall season.

She talks about:

* Road to growing her business
* Opening a store
* Not repeating designs
* Talking design risk
* New launches and her plans

Join Ramon Vela and Jojo Abolarin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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