Designing fun, comfortable and stylish shoes – that’s the mission of Jojo Shoes. Owner and designer Jojo Abolarin says her challenge finding the right shoes for herself inspired her company.

Raised in Nigeria, Jojo says that education is important for her family and many others in her native country. Though she had an early interest in fashion and shoes, Jojo chose to go to medical school after getting a bachelor’s degree in biology. She later earned a master’s degree in IT.

In 2017, she started thinking about making shoes cute but comfortable shoes during her time working in Pittsburgh. This thought led her to drawing shoes and eventually transformed into her first design, then her first complete pair of shoes. Then she started designing & making shoes for her family and friends.

In the first half of this Feature, Jojo talks about:

* Gratefulness towards her sister
* Overview of the brand
* Her years studying medicine and IT
* Her early love of shoes and fashion
* Finding production companies to help

Join Ramon Vela and Jojo Abolarin as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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