In part 2 of this Feature, we sit back down with Will Nitze, Founder of IQBar, to continue discussing nutrition, brain food, and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Will’s company, IQBar, is a “brain and body nutrition company” for quality protein bars. With different flavors such as chocolate, wild blueberry, matcha chai, it’s no wonder why IQBars have been successful.

Although as Will talks about in today’s episode, it wasn’t always easy. Starting a company means going through a lot of trial and error. To be a successful entrepreneur, “you have to be a little bit kooky” and “have a few screws loose.” Because as Will puts it, “creating anything from nothing” is an overall “wild experience” that isn’t always easy but almost always worth it.

Check out the episode as we talk about balancing out your creative/methodical personalities, being passionate about your career, and advice to future entrepreneurs.

In part 1, Will discusses COVID impacts on nutrition; Revolutionizing brain food; Growing more passionate in your work; Training yourself to become methodical; Advice for future entrepreneurs; What it truly means to be an entrepreneur; The future of the brand; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela, and Will discuss IQBar on The Story of a Brand.

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