Gretchen says, “We’re a woman’s accessory company. We like to say that we are effortlessly cool accessories. When you’re struggling with what to wear, it might be just a white t-shirt and jeans and you can put on these bright, colorful earrings or bracelets and it just transforms you and feels great.”

They also work with Commit to Change, an organization that educates young girls in India’s impoverished communities, where they are targeting to educate over a 1000 young girls. Gretchen says, “they have shown that if you educate a young girl, she grows up and she is more likely to give back to her family and lift so many more people out of poverty. It makes us feel like we’re really making an impact.”

Today we interview Gretchen Hollingsworth, Founder and CEO of INK+ALLOY. INK+ALLOY is a woman-owned accessory brand created to inspire and empower the spirit of wonder and exploration. They handcraft colorful glass seed beads and upcycled brass into pieces that evoke a bohemian vibe that is modern, unique, and effortlessly cool.

We discuss:

* Her gratitude for second chances
* What she learned from her previous experience building a successful brand
* Advice for women entrepreneurs including make sure you’re part of the business, not just design or creative and be the person you want to be
* What INK+ALLOY represent to Gretchen: second chance and joy
* Overview of the brand
* Origin of the brand concept
* Why it’s critical that you surround yourself with friends
* What are you proud of about the INK+ALLOY that is not emphasized on the website or social media?
* Why she works with boutiques and why she supports small businesses
* Where does a person start their journey with INK+ALLOY
* How their designs are inspired
* Why they are BOHO style and what that means?
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Gretchen Hollingsworth as we break down the inside story of INK+ALLOY on The Story of a Brand.

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