In the first part of this Feature, we sit down with Myriam and Eric Malka, Founders of Ingredients, a one hundred percent plant-based petrochemical-free wellness line of consumer products.

Myriam and Eric Malka sold their previous brand named ‘Art of Shaving’ to Proctor and Gamble. They were always into wellness which led them to start Ingredients. Today the couple will share their experiences and recommendations.

In the first half, they discussed: The time when they felt grateful; Overview of the brand; Story of their former brand called ‘Art of Shaving’; Experience with Proctor and Gamble; The idea of transparency, purity, and safe; Obsession with ingredients; Their entrepreneurial journey from when they met; What advice they have for people like them; Did they had acquisition in mind; Recommendations to others; and so much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Myriam and Eric Malka as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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