In the second part, we have Kevin Chanthasiriphan and Kevin Lee, Co-Founders of Immi, a better-for-you Asian Food brand, as they relay that the pandemic environment was favorable for their product, the global supply was a hurdle for them.

Both quit their jobs in May of 2019. They launched their first product in January of this year. They even wished to launch early since the pandemic slowed down their product development.

The brand has swapped carbs and preservatives with protein and plant fiber. There is 35% less sodium in their noodles, and it can be adjusted by how much of the soup packets one uses.

They talked about:

* Official launch dates
* Shipment in pandemic
* Wished for an early launch
* Immi noodles’ specialty
* Hidden details
* Diabetes-friendly product
* Their family’s reaction
* Feedback from customers
* Are they plant-based
* What’s next

Join Ramon Vela, Kevin Chanthasiriphan, and Kevin Lee as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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