“Business can be part of the solution for revitalizing and rebranding a community” that’s what Marshall thinks. In part 2, Marshall Rabil, Director of Sales and Third-Generation owner of Hubs Peanuts, talks about how being a healthy food company helped them during the pandemic.

According to Marshall, peanuts are the perfect night food option too. Hubs Peanuts are pioneers of blister fried cooking. They use just four ingredients, namely peanuts, salt, oil, and water. They follow a simple process for their recipe. He says that the brand is different from other brands because it’s also a manufacturer.

Here he talks about:

* Snacking habits during the pandemic
* Hubs Peanuts recipe
* What’s unique about them
* Product recommendation
* Their subscription service
* New partnerships

Join Ramon Vela and Marshall Rabil as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Hubs Peanuts, visit: https://www.hubspeanuts.com/

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