“A fragrance that is giving back,” that’s Hope Fragrances. In part 1, we have Audrey Gruss, Founder & President of Hope Fragrances & Chair of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

Audrey grew up watching her mother suffer from depression and nervous breakdowns. Fifteen years ago, she started Hope for Depression Research Foundation in her honor. HDRF has evolved into the leading depression research organization in the US. The foundation’s success is because of its focus on collaborations.

Her depressed mother loved fragrances and used them to uplift her spirit. Audrey wanted to share the same uplifting fragrance with others while finding a way to fund her foundation further. So, she started Hope Fragrances. To Audrey, doing for others gives a tremendous sense of well-being. Hope Fragrances give 100% of profits to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

She discusses:

* Gratitude
* Overview of the brand
* Bringing a new anti-depressant product to market
* Creating Hope Fragrances
* Their products and packaging
* Major Depressive Disorders
* Giving back to humanity
* Essence and connection

Join Ramon Vela and Audrey Gruss as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Hope Fragrances, visit: https://hopefragrances.com/ 

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