“We’re right at the beginning of our journey in terms of what we’re building,” tells Saad Alam, Founder and CEO of Hone Health, the country’s fastest-growing and premier men’s health clinic.

Customers can go to their website to place orders for at-home tests. They receive a physician consultation with a licensed practitioner along with the test. Saad says that it’s a painless and convenient process as possible. Analyzing eight different hormones, 30 minutes audiovisual facetime console, and giving a set of medications is all part of the offering.

Hone Health works with men of all ages; however, most of their customers are men around 39. The ideal client is simply tired of living with the results of low testosterone and wants their life back.

In part of this Feature, we discuss:

* How Hone Health works
* Their ideal customers
* Measuring testosterone levels
* What are the symptoms of low testosterone
* Recommendations while going through the program

Join Ramon Vela and Saad Alam as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Hone Health, visit: https://honehealth.com/

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