HighKey‘s mission is to drive sugar out of the American diet, says Joe Ens, CEO of the brand that creates snacks that are low in carbs and sugar but taste as good as the original treats.

“There is a seismic shift that’s going on on the American diet where people, whether it be because of biotechnology, wearing a watch, wearing a ring or even a glucose monitor, I think they are now starting to realize how much sugar is not hidden maliciously but embedded within their food,” Joe says.

The reality is that people realize consuming too much sugar has had real consequences over the past few decades.

“It’s not political for us. We’re a sassy brand. We’re kind of light-hearted. We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” he says. “We just want to make sure people have the options to make better choices.”

The tale of HighKey is culinary-inspired, Joe says. One of the company’s co-founders ran a James Beard Award-winning restaurant and had the background to find just the right balance of natural sweeteners – like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol and other ingredients that proved key to baking their goods.

These days, competitors are beginning to catch up on the no-sugar campaign. But that’s not necessarily bad news for HighKey. The brand can now approach manufacturing partners more quickly than in the early days.

In Part 1, Joe talks about:

* His appreciation for the person who introduced him to the power of gratitude and the role gratitude plays in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
* The brand’s goal for 2025 is to drive 10 million pounds of sugar out of the American diet.
* Why taste is so important in the natural food space.
* The culinary inspiration behind the company’s formation.
* The brand vision is to be the leader in low-sugar snacking.

Join Ramon Vela and Joe Ens as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on HighKey, visit: https://highkey.com/

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