In today’s episode, we sit back down with Davis Clute, Author and CEO & Co-Founder of Hiccapop, as we continue the discussion of his new book, “How to Start a Business (In 50 Pages).”

Throughout the book, Davis gives insight from his own experiences and expertise to break down what it means to start a brand.

From customer service to product development, Davis holds a lot of great advice, and one of the topics we’re focusing on today is growth.

As Davis references an old military quote, “slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” he’s sharing with us that growing slow, deliberate, and profitable is better than growing quickly and at “all cost” while sacrificing profitability. Instead of growing slow & profitable, it often helps you to grow faster.

Listen in as we talk about taking the long term approach to growing a successful brand with Davis Clute.

In part 1, Davis discusses The pros and cons of having a co-founder; Is hard work overrated; The importance of persistence; “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”; Growing at a rate that works for your company; Advice for entrepreneurs; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Davis as they discuss Hiccapop on The Story of a Brand.

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