On today’s episode of Story of a Brand, we’re sitting down with CEO and Co-Founder Davis Clute.

With a couple of previous start-ups under his belt, Davis created the brand Hiccapop. Hiccapop is a brand solely dedicated to rethinking children’s products for the modern parent.

With Hiccapop growing in success, Davis released his latest book, “How to Start a Business (In 50 Pages),” which provides insights to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Insights including past experiences, how to expect and overcome failure, and ways to de-stress during your business’s growth. Please tune in to today’s episode as we go over the entrepreneurial insights of Davis Clute.

In part 1, Davis discusses His Mentor experience, Focusing on customer service and product development, Going over the keys of success, Learning from failure, Growing a business in a stress-free environment, Getting your product out to the public.

Join Ramon Vela and Davis as they discuss Hiccapop on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Hiccapop, visit: https://www.hiccapop.com/

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