In part 2, Scott and Amy Burr, Co-Founders of Heirloom Amalgam, talked about the initial idea for the company. They wanted their company or products to be casual, comfortable, easy to wash, wear, and carefree.

The brand keeps in mind the concept of interchangeability within pieces when releasing every new collection. It takes products that are not conventionally stylish and, with their magic wand, turns them stylish. To Heirloom Amalgam, product quality is more important than margin.

Scott advises new businesses that people will surely make mistakes, but it’s essential to keep going. According to him, one should not take anything less than what one expects. Scott and Amy say their brand’s journey is not just about the brand but theirs too.

They talked about:

* The idea behind the brand
* Finding restraint
* Lessons learned
* Motorcycle jackets
* What’s coming next

Join Ramon Vela, Scott, and Amy Burr as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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