With Instagram, Twitter, and a world of influencers, the ideal standard of beauty has diversified, but how diverse is it? When it comes to the idea of professionalism, piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair are always criticized through a quote-unquote professional lens.

One of the most unspoken criticisms that there are is natural hair. Despite criticisms, making the transition back to natural hair after years of thinning, straightening, styling and perms, is difficult.

That’s why in today’s Feature we’re joining forces with Ngozi Opara, CEO and Founder of Heat Free Hair, to join the Heat Free Hair movement to normalize natural hair for women of color.

Hair is beautiful; hair is confidence. It’s how you present yourself. Women of color shouldn’t have to damage their hair to meet the standards of other people.

Ngozi recognizes this issue and, in turn, created her brand to help women in that journey back to natural hair. For kinky, curly, or coily hair, check out her brand Heat Free Hair for quality extensions to help grow your hair.

Join Ramon Vela and Ngozi as they discuss Heat Free Hair on The Story of a Brand.

In part 1, Ngozi discusses The hundred-foot overview of Heat Free Hair; Falling into the cosmetology world; Making hair your passion and career; Creating the Heat Free Hair Movement; Finding the right manufacturer; “Are you heat-free yet?”; Working despite opposing headlines; and much more.

For more on Heat Free Hair, visit: https://heatfreehair.com/

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