In the second part of this Feature, we sit back down with Ngozi Opara, CEO, and Founder of Heat Free Hair, to talk about her brand. For all women of color who are looking to transition back to their natural hair as damage-free as possible, Ngozi has a solution for you.

After starting her journey with help from Facebook and “word of mouth,” Ngozi started to run into obstacles. Nevertheless, after years of hard work, she wasn’t going to let some bad publicity stop her.

Ngozi breaks boundaries in creating the first company to produce 100% synthetic virgin hair exclusively in natural textures. So tune in to hear Ramon Vela and Ngozi discuss how the Heat Free Hair movement is changing the hair game for women of color.

In part 1, Ngozi discusses Changing your hair in a professional environment; The importance of offering wigs of different hair textures; Working for a solution that works; Finding the perfect manufacturers; Adapting to another country’s environment; Committing yourself to work; Working through the “ugly side of the business”; Where to find and buy Heat Free Hair; and much more.

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