Reinvention can be brought about by major external forces or through an inner need to change, says Raoul Benavides, founder of Heart Soul Heat.

Raoul’s career path – and his reinvention – has included stints as a photographer, record store owner, and now the founder of a brand that makes spicy hot honey.

“Sometimes you go one way, and you exhaust something, and then you find a need for something else, and you reinvent yourself to the left or the right,” he says. “There I was.”

Heart Soul Heat’s ghost honey is “uncomplicated … a raw, beautiful thing,” Raoul says. He uses it on fried foods, pizza, even ice cream.

In Part 2, Raoul talks about:
* The joy of self-awareness in his career.
* How failure shows things in a different and important light.
* How his honey is an “accessible” way of bringing culture to people who aren’t foodies.
* Future products include a couple of plant-based products, including possibly spicy candies.

Join Ramon Vela and Raoul Benavides as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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