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Harper Wilde Co-Founders Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher didn’t start out wanting to build a brand much less one that disrupted the bra market.  They even spent most of their time, trying to disprove their business idea. However, the more they researched, the more they realized that it wasn’t so much about the bras, it was more about empowering women of all sizes, skin tones and giving her a quality & affordable product and experience she deserved. So in the end, it was such a huge problem with a big opportunity in the market that they had to start the business.

In part 1 of this incredible episode, Jenna and Jane share their journey including Why women hate bra shopping, What they learned about the process of making & pricing bras, Why large manufacturers and retailers weren’t looking to solve the problem, Why Victoria Secrets no longer speaks to the woman of today, Why it’s important to have outside advisors, How they started with negative money (they were in grad school) and how they raised funds, What the rule of 10% is and why it was so crucial to their success, How they handle being Co-Founders and why it works for them, What mistakes they made, Why you should listen to your gut, and Advice to Graduates: Just put something out there! and much more.
Note: there is so much great advice, we can’t list it all. So join us while Ramon Vela interviews Jenna & Jane in Part 1 of this episode and hear them share the inside story of a brand.
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