Treat people how you want to be treated – that’s Alicia’s motto. Today we have Alicia Grande, Founder and CEO of Grande Cosmetics, a cosmetic brand.

Alicia comes from a cosmetic background. She was obsessed with beauty enhancement when she started Grande Cosmetics in 2008. To her, authenticity is a big thing in business. She also feels strongly about giving the consumer lots of value for their money.

She also cares for her employees. She has a personal relationship with employees, which is why the brand has a considerable retention rate of 97 percent. According to her, there should be no room for negativity in business. At Grande Cosmetics, nobody is suppressed, employees are encouraged, and their talent is valued.

In the first half, she talked about:

* Gratefulness
* Overview of the brand
* How she got started
* How she manages culture within the business
* Building Grande Cosmetics community
* Serum market and product efficacy

Join Ramon Vela and Alicia Grande as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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