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In part 2 of this feature, Gorjana Co-Founders Gorjana Reidel and Jason Griffin Reidel continue sharing the inside story of building one of the leading Jewelry Brands in the market.

In this interactive discussion, Gorjana & Jason share their journey including Their Customer Service Strategy, Why it’s important to stick with what you’re great at, Why Amazon and other large brands envy the connection between premium brands and their customers, Why their Moat = Authenticity, Why Product is King & Content is Queen, Why you shouldn’t fall for the buzz words, How they work together as a married couple, Why they play with all the chips on the table, and Why you shouldn’t compartmentalize your life, make your life one.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Gorjana & Jason in Part 2 of this episode and listen to them share the inside story of a brand.
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