David says, “Our head of R&D is continuously working day by day. Yes, we have new products coming, but we’re always trying to figure out how to make that melt better. How to find a better ingredient. How to make the stretch better. We’re all about innovation, quality, and improvement, nonstop.”

Today, we interview David Israel, Founder & CEO of GOOD PLANeT FOODS. Their goal is to bring you the true experience and joy of cheese, with plant-based offerings that are GOOD for you and good for the PLANeT!

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for
* His personal story – Incarceration, second chances and more…
* Lesson’s he’s learned on how to overcome personal tragedies
* The story of his first snack company
* How he got into plant-based cheeses with the help of his Sister-in-law
* How and why they created a better plant-based cheese
* Getting people to lean into plant-based cheese because of the message
* Why this time and this brand is more than about money; It’s about doing the right thing
* New product that’s going to revolutionize the industry (coming out July/August 2023)
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and David Israel as we break down the inside story of GOOD PLANeT FOODS on The Story of a Brand.

For more on GOOD PLANeT FOODS, visit: https://goodplanetfoods.com/

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