In today’s The Story of a Brand Feature, Richa Gupta, Founder & President of Good Food For Good, talks about how her business helps her truly make a difference.

Starting in the fashion industry, Richa followed the path of “moving up the corporate ladder” until she found her true calling in the food industry.

Understanding how harmful processed food could truly be for the body, Richa created Good Food for Good, a line of sauces for both cooking and topping to encourage everyone to keep cooking.

Not only does it inspire others to keep cooking, but Good Food for Good also stays true to their Buy One, Feed One model.

For every product bought, their company will donate a meal to fight world hunger. It is her passion, and it’s healthy; it’s truly Good Food for Good.

In part 1, Richa discusses Starting Good Food for Good; Richa’s journey into discovering her calling; Understanding what processed food does to us; The first year of building the company; Molding your company to reach your goal; Using your support system; and much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Richa for The Story of a Brand, and listen to her share the inside story.

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