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In Part 2 of this Feature, Steve Latkovic, CEO and Anna Latkovic, CMO of Ghurka continue sharing the story of this timeless legacy brand made in the U.S. with old-school craftmanship but now nearly 100 percent DTC.
In part 2, Steve and Anna discuss Why they make most of their products in Connecticut, Why they’ve kept their old school manufacturing, Why every bag has a name and individual registration number, Timelessness versus Fast Fashion, The vision and future of Ghurka, What partners they work with, Profitability versus growth at all cost, What is the term “good revenue” mean to Steve, How to make a legacy brand work, Advice for entrepreneurs, Why you must know who you are, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Steve and Anna in Part 2 of this episode and gets the inside story of this killer brand.
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