Tom says, “we didn’t want to create a company just to be in the pet space. I wanted to create a company that really affected the lives of people and the animals inside the home through great fresh nutrition. And I knew if we could do that brick by brick, by bringing amazing, fresh nutrition both in fresh meals that we cook here in our kitchens, or our freeze-dried raw, or our organ treats. If we brought great nutrition to these animals who give us nothing but love and care for us all the time, then I knew we could make the household actually a better house, a better environment because people are living a healthier life.”

Today we interview Tom Arrix, Founder and CEO of Get Joy. Get Joy’s holistic dog wellness experience offers fresh full meals, Fresh Freeze-Dried full meals fresh toppers or mix-ins, Freeze Dried Organ Treats, chews including 100% all natural bully sticks and naturally shed Elk + Deer Antlers.

We discuss:

* His gratefulness for his family
* The concept of the Fox Hole and why they use it internally
* Overview of the brand and origin story
* Story about his dog with lymphoma and how the doctor influenced him
* Process foods and dog nutrition
* Why his team is so important to the brand and mission
* Breakdown of Get Joy recipes
* What does their customer avatar look like?
* Their focus on dog gut health and why it’s crucial
* Discuss on new and future products including telehealth, supplements
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Tom Arrix, as we break down the inside story of Get Joy on The Story of a Brand.

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