When coming up with its bites, GEM chose not to focus on a single medical angle but instead incorporates multiple ways of determining the best daily nutritional needs, says Sara Cullen, the Founder and CEO of GEM.

For Sara, it’s required that suppliers and farmers are non-GMO even if they’re not officially registered for that designation.

“We make sure they still follow those practices, even if they’re not certified as that, that they don’t have any extra fillers, that they’re extracting the vitamins, minerals in a holistic way, that they’re grass certified, generally regarded as safe, so they’re FDA approved,” Sara says.

Another key to GEM’s success is its community, which is particularly strong on Facebook. Sara says the brand doesn’t market to this group; instead, it provides a platform where people can maintain an open conversation.

“That’s what this community now is – a place where people can go to feel safe, to share their own stories and ask people, what are they doing? What are some tips and tricks on how they can help with this ailment or a hack that they have for X, Y and Z,” she says. “It’s beautiful to see this sort of transformation over time.”

Sara gained business experience through an entrepreneurial fellowship and began a CBD beverage brand in 2016. The experience taught her what to do – and what not to do – setting the stage for the GEM brand. It also gave her access to a network of people she could lean on.

To fellow entrepreneurs, she offers this advice: Focus on building the right team for your brand. Ultimately, the team is more important than fundraising.

For now, GEM’s immediate future goals are to continue to improve the products and promote the future of food as medicine.

In Part 2, Sara talks about:

* A rundown of GEM’s products.
* The need to use responsible suppliers and farmers.
* The importance of consulting with your community.
* Her business background.
* Advice for other entrepreneurs.
* The necessity of good team building.
* A closer look at the product flavors.
* Where to find the products.

Join Ramon Vela and Sara Cullen as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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