In this second part of this Feature, we sit back down with Craig Winer, Co-Owner & Senior VP of Garrett Wade, to hear the stories about what makes Garrett Wade a trusted name.

Craig and his team at Garrett Wade truly love the work that they do, from finding vintage kitchen knives in France to foraging through Sweden. The passion for providing unique and quality tools is only one of the keys that have made the brand a success.
As the pandemic has evolved throughout the past year, hobbies have once again caught on as ways to learn, distract from news, and or distress. Not only does Garrett Wade create tools for experienced craft workers, but also first-time learners that are eager to find their own passion.

As Craig mentions, it’s about “breaking those barriers” that keep us from continuing our craft. Whether it’s a challenging hobby or simply a lack of time, Garrett Wade is about finding a craft you truly love and working through those obstacles.

In Part 2, Craig discusses Celebrating the craftsmen that contribute to Garrett Wade’s success; Picking for products and sourcing; Kitchen knives in France; Sharing stories and marketing the brand; The future of Garrett Wade; Being passionate about your craft; COVID Impacts on home life; and much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Craig for The Story of a Brand, and listen to her share the inside story.For more on Garrett Wade, visit:

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