“Our foods need to be light in weight but heavy in substance,” says Paloma Lopez, Co-Founder of Future Fit Foods. In the second half, Paloma describes their healthy Suppas and their diverse ingredients. Suppas is a vessel, while Future Fit Foods is an umbrella organization.

The brand tries to be transparent in the sourcing of ingredients. They intend to engage the next generation of food professionals too.

Getting people to try something new or be a part of the change was difficult for Paloma. According to her, the consumer is ready for the change, but industries hold a very tight model. She recommends choosing something you are passionate about as passion can carry you to success.

She talks about:

* Diverse ingredients
* What surprised her
* Balancing marketing and ingredient cost
* Her recommendations to entrepreneurs
* Evolving Suppas

Join Ramon Vela and Paloma Lopez as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Future Fit Foods, visit:https://www.futurefitfoods.com/

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