It’s easier to continue when you have conviction around a social goal, says Laurence. In part 2, Laurence Girard, Founder & CEO of Fruit Street, talks about his conviction in scientific concepts and desire to pursue the business in various iterations.

According to him, sometimes, when a business fails, it’s not the team or the product or you, but instead, it’s the timing that matters in business. Laurence then speaks about their program where they offer 26 classes that cover different topics such as diet, sleep, cooking, bad food choices, etc.

He remarks that their program is more like a lifestyle improvement program. Fruit Street relies on 3 different channels: the employer’s health plan, consumers, and treating patients in the physician network.

He talked about:

* What kept him going
* Timing matters too
* How to get started with Fruit Street
* Their 3 different channels
* Lifestyle improvement program
* Joining the program

Join Ramon Vela and Laurence Girard as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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