In part 1 of this Feature, we’re looking past the logos and into the quality of the product. Today, our guest, Daniel Shapiro, CEO and Founder of Fourlaps, tells us how he created his own independent athletic wear company.

Starting his journey within different companies, Daniel took his experience of apparel and entrepreneurship to create Fourlaps.

As Daniel mentions in the interview, there was initially a “lack of really good functional athletic apparel for men.” Instead of the “neon stitched lines running in every direction,” men don’t have to sacrifice appearance to have quality athletic clothing.

With Fourlaps, each customer could own well-crafted apparel made to withstand your performance and keep you comfortable.

Join Ramon Vela and Daniel as they breakdown the inside story on one of GQ’s favorite athletic apparel brands on The Story of a Brand.

In Part 1, we hear about Daniel’s mentor experience; The hundred-foot overview of the brand, Daniel’s journey to creating Fourlaps; Knowing your shoppers; Learning from your past; Finding the perfect supplier; and much more.

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