“For Day is a model built to scale, striving to be an epicenter for change rather than sitting on the sidelines,” so says Kristy Caylor, Co-Founder & CEO of For Days. In part two of this feature, we discuss choosing the right materials and how that helps guarantee recyclability. That’s why the brand prioritizes organic materials, works with safe, certified dyes, and understands the ethical component.

According to Kristy, there’s no perfection. She advises entrepreneurs to think about the bigger picture and break it into little pieces or give themselves near targets to build the bigger picture.

In this episode, Kristy discusses:

* A model built to scale
* Navigating every touchpoint
* Limitations caused by their model
* Designs at For Days
* What’s next
* Efficient business economics
* What consumers tell them
* Entrepreneurial lessons

Join Ramon Vela and Kristy Caylor as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Four Days, visit: https://fordays.com/

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