During part two, Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder & CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water, shares advice for young entrepreneurs excited to turn their ideas into reality and how important it is to just “go for it.” Reichenbach also discusses the impacts of COVID and how Shawn Mendes and Post Malone’s contributions helped early on. As well as breaking down the true process of Alkaline water and how in Reichenbach’s case, clean, healthier water could be closer than you think as he shares growing up next to Blue Lake Springs.

In the second part of this Feature, Nicholas talks about COVID 19 and Running A Business During the Pandemic; Advice to all Future Entrepreneurs; Breaking Down Collagen and it’s a Factor in Water; Growing up on Blue Lake Springs and its Impact on the Inspiration of Flow; Alkalinity in Alka Seltzer; Reichenbach’s Long Line of Creating Healthier, Cleaner Sources of Water Starting With His Father

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Nicholas in Part 2 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.

For more on Flow Alkaline Spring Water visit: https://flowhydration.com/

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