For today’s Feature on The Story of a Brand, we’re bringing you a special update from the brand Flow Alkaline Spring Water.

Founder and Executive Chairman, Nicholas Reichenbach, comes on the show today to tell us about Flow’s future, its flavors, and their going public transaction.

One of their most important news consists of their strides in recyclable packaging.

As Nicholas mentions in the episode,

“We put it into a Tetra Pak, which is primarily made from plant-based material…our package is actually made from trees and paperboard. We also use plant-based sugarcane to replace plastic for our lid and some of our inner liner. Now we’re trying to push the envelope in product innovation to make this at 70 percent compostable today, but one hundred percent recyclable.”

Not only is Flow Alkaline Spring Water good for you, but it’s also good-for-you packaging for the planet.

In part 1, we discuss Nicholas’s mentor experience; How Nicholas found his new CEO; New innovations in recycled packaging; Delving into the flavors of Flow, COVID Impacts, and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Nicholas as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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