People filling their homes with beautiful plants need the right product to care for them. That’s the goal of Flourish Plant, say Co-founders Kate Ferguson and Lila Sullivan.

“We want to be your one-stop shop, your go-to resource that will help anyone from the beginner to those with several plants in their home to be able to enjoy taking care of their plants and have the resources to do so,” Lila says.

One of the company’s taglines is “cultivating growth in the spaces that matter most,” Kate says. Plants should be an essential part of people’s lives.

“Nature has all sorts of healing benefits, as we know, being able to bring those things into your home and then watch growth happen,” Kate says.

The pair say they started Flourish because they didn’t feel like they had the products they needed to take good care of their plants. Existing products are too chemical-based, they say.

“We wanted a completely organic product, so we were working with the development team and scientists to develop a product that was not only organic but also sustainable,” Kate says. “To feel good about having it in your home, you could feel good about using it.”

The ideal customers for Flourish are plant owners who want to buy products aligned with their needs and values.

“Our customer is nurturing and caring, and they are eager to see the plants in their home as more than just a decorative tool,” Kate says.

In Part 1, Kate and Lila talk about:

* Gratitude for the support and friendship the partners offer each other.
* An overview of the brand.
* The importance of plants in the household.
* Why there’s a gap in the market for an organic solution.
* The brand’s ideal customer.
* The innovation behind the brand’s ideas.
* The synergy between plant health and personal/emotional health.

Join Ramon Vela, Kate Ferguson, and Lila Sullivan as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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