Fill it Forward exists to help inspire people to reuse. In the first half of this Feature, we have Matt Wittek, Founder and CEO of Fill it Forward, a renewable and environmental brand that created reusable products, technology, and initiatives to reuse.

Matt’s environmental responsibility journey started in college when he tried to convince people to save plastic bags during his college days. He eventually focused his efforts on reuse and sustainability.

He started Fill it Forward in 2012 as a product company. But Matt later realized that what was needed was a process and technology tied to a product.

According to Matt, you have to innovate around “giving” and finding a business model that works.

We discuss:

* Gratitude toward his wife, family, and friends
* Overview of the brand
* Why the product is not everything
* His life before Fill it Forward
* Overcoming the early challenges
* Leading up to Fill it Forward
* Recommendations for mission-based founders
* How to Innovate around giving

Join Ramon Vela and Matt Wittek as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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