“Give out something meaningful, like a reasonable bottle or reusable bag,” says Matt Wittek, Founder and CEO of Fill it Forward.

In the second half of this Feature, Matt says that he hopes to inspire more actions. The brand sells products directly to consumers as well as B2B channels. In addition, they sell trackers and support projects through partner programs in 12 different countries.

A donation is made whenever someone uses the tracker. Fill it Forward works with corporate event teams and brands that care about sustainability. Matt says that earlier they used to go by ‘Companion,’ but they changed the name to ‘Fill it Forward’ about a year ago.

In part 2, he talks about:

* How to get started with Fill it Forward
* How the tracker works
* Donation made for every use
* Inspired by brands like Fitbit
* What companies work with Fill it Forward
* The future of Fill it Forward

Join Ramon Vela and Matt Wittek as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Fill it Forward, visit: https://www.fillitforward.com/

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