Starting a new brand – particularly a very small brand – can be pretty isolating. So determination and vision are keys to success, says Lily Geiger, founder of Figlia, a non-alcoholic cocktail with no added sugar or preservatives.

“I think by starting small and growing in a healthy and organic way, we are not only able to connect with our consumers and to talk to these customers and answer every message and take the time to meet some of these people in person,” Lily says.

Other keys to success: Have a thick skin. Keep going. Believe in yourself. Believe in your messaging.

“Just be selective and kind of put your blinders up sometimes and just like block out the haters and the people with unsolicited advice,” she says.

For Figlia, it took about a year to craft the drinks it offers. It needed to look sophisticated and appealing, but also it had to taste like something special.

One of the final missing pieces to the recipe puzzle was clove, generally used as a cooking spice.

Aside from the drinks, Figlia also works with organizations to support families and addicts. Figlia also works with environmentally protective causes such as 1% for the Planet.

Future plans include creating a single-serving drink.

In Part 2, Lily talks about:

* The challenges of creating a startup brand.
* The values of vision and determination.
* Advice for others starting a brand.
* How the drink recipes were concocted.
* The brand’s charitable efforts.
* The background of some Figlia drink recipes.
* How to navigate the brand’s website.

Join Ramon Vela and Lily Geiger as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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