In the second part of this Feature, we sit down with Shannon and Delia McLinden from the brand FarmHouse Fresh (FHF). After creating her first company, Summer Soles, Shannon realized a love for business and a passion for inventing.

As Shannon mentions in the episode, “I almost feel like we’re all inventors. I mean, in some form or fashion, everything is born from a challenge that we have or a problem we have or something we want to fix.”

Through this desire to solve a problem, Shannon merged a passion for skincare and awareness for nature to form FarmHouse Fresh. Not only does FarmHouse Fresh take care of human needs, but they also do a lot for the rescue animals on their very own farm.

As a wellness brand, FHF indeed provides living proof of their positive contribution to others as their skincare line profits go into their Fresh animal sanctuary.

Tune in and join Ramon Vela to hear more about how your purchase with FarmHouse Fresh could save animals.

In part 2, Shannon and Delia discuss COVID impacts on the company; Advancing your social media marketing skills; Building a community within your industry; Delving into their homegrown organic ingredients; Future product developments; Where to reach FHF; and much more.

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