Exponent Beauty wanted to provide the best clinical results with their skin-care line, so even the packaging is the result of two years of research and development, says Liz Whitman, Founder,, and CEO of Exponent Beauty, a self-activated skincare system designed to deliver peak potency with each dose.

“I feel like beauty trails the food industry but lags by about a decade,” Liz says. “If you think about this movement towards fresh foods and made-yourself, anti-pre-packaged, watered down, bottled up things – that’s exactly what we’re doing right in skin care. We’re saying there’s a reason why these ingredients are great. They’re active ingredients. They’re very fragile. And if they’re pre-mixed, watered down, and bottled up for 18 months on a shelf before you take it home, it’s just not going to be as beneficial as making sure you’re mixing it fresh.”

Liz says maintaining the integrity of active ingredients is paramount in clinical skin care.

“Our point is, even if you put in the optimal amount of active ingredients into a liquid form at the time of manufacture, you’re going to see that degrade very rapidly,” she says. “We’re working to change that.”

Liz says she took the top-selling products on the market and sent them to a lab to determine the concentration of active ingredients.

“Within eight weeks … those products lost 40 percent of their active ingredient concentration on average,” she says. “That’s why we have introduced this line of powders that you then mix because when it’s in powder form, it is protected from that degradation.”

Of the three years of R&D before Exponent Beauty launched, two-thirds of the time was spent on the dispenser and packaging.

“Formulating with powders is not an easy endeavor, right? Because what we’re trying to do is to get to part a powder and a liquid to mix quickly into something that you want to put on your face,” she says. “Kudos to our product development and chemistry teams for figuring that out.”

In Part 1, Liz talks about:

* Gratitude to her first supplier – her grandmother –
Who supported her when she had her first business idea in third grade.
* An overview of the brand.
* Feedback so far to the brand’s products.
* How the food and skin-care industries are similar.
* Testing for active ingredient degradation.
* The advantages of mixing your products fresh vs. traditional storage.
* Why the packaging design is so important.

Join Ramon Vela and Liz Whitman as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Exponent Beauty, visit: https://exponentbeauty.com/

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