Kat and Phoebe say, “So I think the new breed of sustainable brands is starting to be more performance focused and strive for a reasonable price point. Then they add on the sustainable side of things. This makes it easier for consumers to switch. And I think that’s why more and more consumer are switching. Hopefully, we’re helping to bring about that change and help establish that sustainable products are actually better products, more premium products with better performance.”

Today, we interview Kat Dey, Co-founder and President and Phoebe Yu, Founder & CEO at Ettitude. Ettitude is a fabric innovation and lifestyle brand making the world’s softest, most sustainable materials with their proprietary CleanBamboo™.

We discuss:

* What they are grateful for
* Overview and origin of the brand
* Why they are eco focused
* Their patented technology as a competitive advantage
* Ettitude’s high rating as a B-Corp
* Why Bamboo and why it outperforms other fabrics
* The benefits of bamboo such as better sleep and anti-microbial
* Why cotton is bad for the environment and consumers
* A review of their products, including bedding as their flagship product
* Other fabrics, including Vegan Cashmere
* Corporate gifting and their Oeko-Tex standard certification, which keeps your baby safe
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela, Kat Dey, and Phoebe Yu as we break down the inside story of Ettitude on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Ettitude, visit: https://www.ettitude.com/

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