Alina and Vanessa say, “when people talk about let’s represent Latinos, especially from a female standpoint, the first thing you see is that there’s this belief that the average Latina is the sex pot. And I’m sorry to use this word because it’s an awful word to use, but not every woman that is Latina walks around with, you know, her boobs out and her butt up to here and this and this and that…”

Today, we interview Alina Gonzalez and Vanessa Ramos, Co-founders at Erenzia Beauty. Erenzia Beauty is a brand with a mission and purpose, born out of the ideal that all women deserve better beauty. And, at the center of it all, a celebration of the Latina woman–her allure, beauty and unique essence blending generations of deeply rooted traditions with modern-day life.

We discussed:

*What they are grateful for
*The origin and overview of Erenzia Beauty
* How can brands provide more representation and dispel sexual stereotypes?
* How its not about vanity but about “self confidence”
* Why “Latinos” can’t be lumped together and why we’re complex
* The difficulties of raising capital and their personal experience
* The vision for their brand
* Their “Amigas Program” affiliate model and why this is also about financial empowerment
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela, Alina Gonzalez and Vanessa Ramos as we break down the inside story of Erenzia Beauty on The Story of a Brand.

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