We understand smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart homes, but what exactly is smart nutrition? That’s the quest for Elo Health, a company that uses the latest technology to provide personalized and proactive supplements.

Elo utilizes the blood from finger pricks consumers do at home and analyzes it along with other data from wearable devices, says Ari Tulla, CEO, and co-founder of Elo Health.

He says three trends have helped make the idea of smart nutrition possible: the advent of wearable devices, the normalization of at-home testing during the COVID pandemic, and the surge of home delivery systems.

“It’s been an interesting few years to build a new company in this space that is so connected to this whole pandemic that we’ve been all facing,” Ari says.

Ari’s interest and advocacy in preventive health date back about 20 years, when his wife was battling a thyroid tumor. After exploring methods of boosting her immune system, Ari says they discovered that nutrition was the key to healing.

“I decided to spend the next 30 years in my life to build health care companies and try to help people with these big problems like accessing care,” he says. “I became a real believer in this idea as food is medicine. Food can also be poison, making us sick, but it can also heal us.”

In Part 1, Ari talks about:

* Gratitude for being involved in several good ideas and for having supporters around him.
* An explanation of the brand.
* The trends that allowed for her brand to begin and grow.
* How his wife’s health struggles sparked an interest in nutrition.

Join Ramon Vela and Ari Tulla as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Elo Health, visit: https://www.elo.health/

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