Getting started with Elo Health‘s first product was a challenge that took two years to accomplish, says Ari Tulla, CEO and co-founder of the smart nutrition brand.

“It took us a year to test the product before we knew if it worked,” Ari says. “Every time you do something new, you’re paving the unknowns. You are with a machete in the jungle. There’s no pathway, and you don’t know where you will end up.”

He says the supplement market is enormous, with Americans spending $60 billion each year. Elo Health’s niche involves blood biomarker testing, which hadn’t been done at home before.

The brand still faces some tall hurdles, including consumer anxiety about finger pricks and even overcoming the mixed messages from the media on which foods are good and bad for you.

Ari has words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs considering a jump into the preventative health market space.

“Don’t jump into oblivion without any security, but start doing what you hope to do,” he says. “If you procrastinate, it won’t help. Take a step in the right direction, and then you take another one, and things will happen.”

In Part 2, Ari talks about:

* The challenges of building the first product.
* How the brand decided to stand out in the marketplace.
* The fear factor of finger pricks.
* Overcoming faulty food news reporting.
* Advice for other health care entrepreneurs.
* How to get started on the Elo Health website.

Join Ramon Vela and Ari Tulla as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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