James says, “when you feel that something’s possible, you have this spark. I want people to understand that. That moment happens time and time again when you’re using Elmore Pedals. That’s the thing we build into the product: that moment of belief and that spark, every time you hit the button to rewind or to pause, it’s that spark, that moment of belief that you can learn an instrument.”

Today, we interview James Levin, Founder of Elmore Pedal Company. Elmore Pedal Company offers music student control of their online video lessons without ever taking their hands off their instrument.

We discuss:

* Gratefulness for his wife, who believed in him
* Overview and origin story of Elmore Pedal Company
* His love of music and his late start in learning to play guitar
* His example of Rhys John Stygal, a 14-year-old guitar student who used Elmore to master licks
* How Duane Allman inspired him
* How he ended up working with Jack White from White Stripes
* How the pedal works
* Why anyone learning an instrument can use it and other use cases
* Why he wants people to believe they learn at any age and why he wants to create joy in the world!
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and James Levin as we break down the inside story of Elmore Pedal Company on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Elmore Pedal Company, visit: https://elmorepedals.com/

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